At the very beginning there was an advertising banner for a 24 hour test drive of a Renault ZOE - I registered spontaneously! - However, finding a date with the local Renault dealer was not easy. After the topic was almost forgotten, the test drive came almost two months later, which had infected me with a strange virus... From that day on I felt that the highly developed 8-speed automatic transmission of my only 6-month old new car was rumpled, loud and somehow old-fashioned.

An increasingly intensive occupation with electric mobility was followed by my first electric vehicle, a used BMW i3. During the transfer the first long distance journey was directly on the agenda. Since then the fascination hasn't diminished a bit.

In the summer of 2018, I took advantage of a vacation in the USA to familiarize myself with the Tesla Mode-3. Meanwhile it has replaced my i3 punctually for the start of deliveries in Europe.

ZOEi3M3_USAModel 3