go-eCharger HOME+ 22 kW

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  • EN10015
Der go-eCharger ist mobile Ladebox und Wallbox in einem. Zum Anschluss benötigen Sie nichts... more
Product information "go-eCharger HOME+ 22 kW"

Der go-eCharger ist mobile Ladebox und Wallbox in einem. Zum Anschluss benötigen Sie nichts weiteres als eine CEE-Dose, die in vielen Haushalten bereits vorhanden ist. Bringen Sie die mitgelieferte Montageplatte in Ihrer Garage oder Ihrem Carport an, klicken Sie den go-eCharger ein und schon haben Sie eine eigene Wallbox. Wenn Sie unterwegs laden möchten, nehmen Sie den go-eCharger einfach aus der Montageplatte und er verwandelt sich in eine mobile Ladebox. Mit dem optional erhältlichen Adapterset können Sie zusätzlich auch an roten 16A CEE-Dosen, blauen 16A CEE-Dosen (Campingstecker) oder jeder Schuko-Steckdose laden. Sie sehen - der go-eCharger ist eine der flexibelsten Ladelösungen am Markt!



  • go-eCharger 22kW mit 32A CEE Stecker
  • Wandhalterung inkl. Schrauben und Dübel
  • 1 RFID Tag (Schlüsselanhänger)
  • Kabelsicherung (Diebstahlschutz)
  • Anleitung



  • 15 x 25 cm,
  • 2,0kg
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Connecting the go-eCharger

CEE red 32 A, 30cm
Power: max. 22kW (32 A 3-phase)

with separately available adapter set:

  • CEE red 16A
  • CEE blue 16A
  • Schuko (household socket) 16A

Connection on vehicle side

  • Type 2 box, simply use your own Type 2 cable
  • Locking with anti-theft device
  • Charge power max. 22 kW (32 A 3-phase)
  • Vehicles with type 1 can be charged with adapter cable
  • Ampere and status display via LED ring
  • Charging capacity adjustable via push-button and app

Security Features

go-eCharger comes ex works with everything you need to make loading even safer. All three phases are permanently monitored and a type B FI always ensures that no dangerous fault currents can occur or cause damage to your car or your environment. This even saves money compared to wallboxes, which require an additional FI type B. For this alone you have to calculate approx. 200 EUR.

  • RFID access control
  • Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) with direct current detection, 30 mA AC, 6 mA DC
  • Phase and voltage testing (Input voltage)
  • Phase testing after the contactor
  • Earth detection (can be switched off "Norway function")
  • Current sensor 3-phase
  • Customer replaceable fine-wire fuse for internal electronics (triggers if supply cable is connected incorrectly)
  • Adapter detection with automatic reduction to 16 A


Whether garden hose or cloudburst, with protection class IP54 go-eCharger defies all adverse weather conditions. Even hail cannot harm the extremely robust housing.

Control via App

With the free go-eCharger app you have full control over your go-eCharger. Whether you want to check the current charging performance or start or stop the charging process remotely, the app can do it all from anywhere where Internet is available. Of course, the go-eCharger can also be personalized: Would you rather have green LEDs instead of blue during the charging process? - Simply set the desired color! - If you disturb the glowing LEDs during charging, they can also be switched off.

  • Can be used locally ( WiFi hotspot ) or worldwide ( via home WiFi ).
  • Charge adjustment / monitoring
  • Start / Stop function
  • charging timer
  • Max Wh Charge
  • Access management (RFID / App)
  • Managing RFID Cards
  • Cable Lock Unlock Functions
  • Electricity meter (total kWh and per RFID card)
  • Power exchange connection with intelligent charge management
  • Updateable for future functions
  • LED Adjustment
  • Management of charging levels via hardware button

Cheap charging with connection to the energy exchange

go-eCharger is not only extremely affordable, it also helps you save money. Together with the partner aWATTar and a smart electricity meter, you get the price as it is traded on the energy exchange - and this is considerably cheaper at night than for example in the evening. Often the electricity surplus is so high that the electricity price is even negative.

Charging with solar power

For charging with solar power from your own roof (PV excess charging) there will also be a solution using the go-eCharger. go-e GmbH has already announced a solution under the name go-eController for Q3/2019. As soon as we have any new information, we will add it here. As soon as the go-eController is available, we will add it to our product range.